June 25 | 6:00 pmDiscussion: Reportages from the Rifts of the World
June 25, 2023
April 4th | Toplocentrala Centre for Contemporary Arts
April 4, 2024

Poetry against the War

25 June 2023 | 8:00 pm

Open stage, Sfumato Theatre


Anna Bahriana (Ukraine), Anna Lazarova, Georgi Gavrilov, Ivan Dimitrov, Preslava Videnova, Stefan Ivanov

Although this edition of Literary Talks will focus mostly on non-fiction, documents and testimonial, poetry always has its significant place in all literary events of the Reading Sofia Foundation, which is why the Summer Issue of Literary Talks will end with a reading of poetry from the anthology Poetry Against War. It will start at 8:00 pm on the Open stage in front of the Sfumato Teathre.
The anthology was compiled by Georgi Gavrilov, Stefani Daneva, Raicho Angelov and Anna Lazarova. Poetry Against the War includes poems by 101 authors, 80 of them Bulgarian poets. Published a year ago, the profits from the sales of the anthology are donated to the Ukraine Support and Renovation Foundation (represented by Natalia Ellis).
Immediately after the poetry reading (at 9:00 pm), the audience can see Tales of the Dead Tsarkina by Nikolay Kolyada, directed by Ana Bateva in the Great Hall, part of the Small Season Festival.
Literary Talks Summer 2023 is held with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, "Program for the Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations"; Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture.
Literary Talks are organized by the Reading Sofia Foundation. They are realized with the partnership of Sfumato Theater.