Literary Quiz
November 16, 2022
June 24 | 7:30 pm Opening of the interactive installation “Shelters”. Reading in Motion with Elena Telbis
June 24, 2023

The Spring edition of Literary Talks 2023 will be on March 30, 31 and April 1 in Goethe-Institut Bulgaria. As Literary Talks are held several times a year in a completely different format, their Spring version will be different from the Summer and Fall programme. In fact, Literary Talks Spring will be held for the first time. Choices is their theme and the three-day event will include more than 20 participants from various fields of art.

The connection to the governmental elections the day after the Literary Talks is quite obvious, but choices are also embedded in the event’s format.

The Literary Talks will be dedicated to the presentation of writers, artists from different forms of art, and theoreticians, in the form of 20-minute presentations, chosen and directed by the participants themselves. Each one will be completely free to choose what, how and why to introduce to the audience, and it could be literally anything - the only condition being to has a connection to literature.

Affirming the approach that has come to signify the Reading Sofia Foundation, Literary Talks will continue to seek more and more possible connections between literature and the other arts; between literature and science; to strengthen the threads that underline the understanding of literary processes, as a part of the wider picture of tendencies and interactions. This is reason the spring Literary Talks include a writing, poetic, scenographic, photographic, dramaturgic, journalistic, curatorial, music, humanitarian and scientific perspective.

Among the participants in the first two days of the event will be Alek Popov, Antoaneta Koleva, VBV, Viktoria Draganova, Galina Borissova, Emmy Barouh, Justine Toms, Zachary Karabashliev, Ivan Dimitrov, Yordan Slaveykov, Kristin Dimitrova, Nikolay Terziiski, Radoslav Bimbalov. The first evening will conclude with the live music of the band KAKE?

Mihaela Dobreva and Boris Dalchev from the creative tandem Sapromat will not only create the visual environment of the event, but it will be a reflection of the theme by itself.

Instead of hosts, the Literary Talks will have a sort of live podcast or in other words - the audience will hear the voices of journalist Tsvetan Tsvetanov and director and playwright Stefan Prohorov, who will comment and summarize the event and theme itself. The first two days will be in the Big Hall of Goethe-Institut.

The event on April 1 will be held in Goethe-Institut’s library and will differ from the previous days, as it will interweave in direct and indirect conversations famous international and Bulgarian writers, humanitarians and scientists, who will consider the theme Beyond Human, broken into two discussion panels. As a starting point will serve the existing images in science fiction and ecofiction, as well as various scientific theories that introduce the nonhuman perspective. “The nonhuman choice offers the promise of renewing literature, and literature might offer a way toward less anthropocentric and wiser forms of living,” tell us the two discussion moderators - Alexander Popov and Konstantin Georgiev.

The beginning of the second day (March 31) will offer yet another choice to artists - the Creative Europe Desk - Bulgaria team will present and conduct a training on the opportunities for mobility funding of artists and professionals, engaged in culture and arts, that Culture Moves Europe programme offers.

The Literary Talks Spring will be open access.

Literary Talks Spring 2023 are realized with the financial aid of National Culture Fund, Programme for Revival and Development of Private Cultural Organizations, Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture. In partnership with Goethe-Institut, Creative Europe Desk - Bulgaria and RATIO.