War and Peace

Literary Talks Summer 2023

The main focus of this summer edition of Literary Talks will not be quite the usual. The event will focus on diverse kinds of writing, on testimonials (even oral) and storytelling, on literary journalism, reporting, essays and letters - on writing that narrates, analyses and is also documentative.
The Summer Issue of Literary Talks is held in partnership with Sfumato Theatre. At the same time is the annual Small Season Festival, dedicated to the creative work of the youngest in the different arts.

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About us

Literary Talks is the title of the latest series of events by the Reading Sofia Foundation. They will be held several times a year with different guests, highlights, and in a variety of formats.

The first edition was in June 2022 at the Toplocentrala Centre for Contemporary Arts. The guest of honour was the Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk. The first day saw her meeting with the Bulgarian audience alongside Georgi Gospodinov. The second day was a 7-hour collage of multiple events and various encounters with literature across the whole Toplocentrala Centre for Contemporary Arts.

The Fall edition of 2022 offered an international discussion themed “Literary 2022: Based on a True Story” and a literary quiz.

Reading Sofia is consistently working with discovery and understanding of different literary contexts and interesting interactions therein. Literary Talks are a continuation of the same tendency. A significant part of the Foundation’s activity is dedicated to the connection between literature and the other arts and sciences, as well as to how we can experience literature live, what form can literary events take. Taking this more performative approach is the programme of Literary Talks Spring 2023, themed “Choices”. The connection to the following political elections is obvious, but choices are literary embedded in the format of the event in late March. 

The upcoming summer edition of Literary Talks is on 24 and 25 June in partnership with Sfumato Theater. At the same time takes place the annual festival Small Season. The theme that unites the programs of both events is War and Peace. The focus of the Summer Issue of Literary Talks will be on various types of writing, the testimonials and storytelling, literary journalism, reportages, essays and letters - writing that narrates, analyses and is also documentative.