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June 11, 2022
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June 11, 2022

"Tales of the Bizarre" // theatre performance

11 June 2022 | 20:50 – 21:50

"Tales of the Bizarre" // theatre performance // Terrace, Hall 1

Director: Mariy Rosen
Visual environment: Sаpromat
Sound environment: Martin Karov
Actors: Jana Rasheva and Alexander Mitrev

Three stories from "Tales of the Bizarre" by Olga Tokarczuk are the basis of a theatrical performance, conceived by the director Marie Rosen and set designers from the creative team "Sapromat" - Mihaela Dobreva and Boris Dalchev. The author of the sound environment is the composer Martin Karov.

The actors Jana Rasheva and Alexander Mitrev, as two panoptic narrators, will take the audience through the worlds of the three short stories. Following the passage through their strange lands, three installations will be left, with which the spectators will be able to interact after the end of the performance. “The Wardrobe” installation will function independently, as a world closed in itself. Based on a story from another collection by Olga Tokarczuk, it will be activated by the curiosity and active involvement of the visitors themselves.

My meeting with Olga Tokarchuk was intense. I read her books one after the other without mixing them with other literature. My desire was to be immersed in her, as far as my capacity allowed. To feel her densely and sensually, and only then to choose which parts of what I had read would be used to build a theatrical world. My goal is not to create something comprehensive, but on the contrary, to leave the door half open, just to peek inside and thus arouse interest in the rest, which is not included ... To unlock the strange world of the writer, and anyone who feels like a traveler is welcome to open the door and enter. ”

Mariy Rosen