“Tales of the Bizarre” // theatre performance
June 11, 2022
Literary reading
June 11, 2022

Speed meetings

11 June 2022 | 22:00 – 23:00

Speed meetings  // Hall 4

Personal time with writers, translators and scientists in a short conversation on a topic of their choice.(With pre-enrolment)


Bogomil Peshev (neurobiologist): Aromas: Modulators of Human Memory and Emotions
Vladimir Poleganov (writer and translator): To the Other through Literature: Rethinking People's Attitude Towards Animals and our Place in the World
Mihaela Beluhova (hydrobiologist): Bacteria as an Analogue of Human Societies
Nasko Stamenov (chemist and teacher): The death of the Nerd: Is There a Place for Encyclopedists in the Modern World?
Spas Kerimov (entrepreneur in the biotechnology sector): Assortment of Immortalities
Stefan Ivanov (poet and translator): Below the Surface: The Need for a Dialogue about Memory
Stefan Rusinov (translator): "God of synthesis, god with a sense of humor, god prone to lies and deception": About Mastering, Flattering and Cheating in Translation


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