Literary reading
June 11, 2022
Literary reading
June 11, 2022

Poetic video triptych "Another Light"

11 June 2022 | 23:00 – 23:20

Poetic video triptych "Another Light" // Hall 2

Artists and video processing: Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov
Poetry by Ilko Dimitrov, Radoslav Chichev, Tsveta Sofronieva
Actors: Elena Dimitrova, Tsvetan Alexiev, Juliana Saiska
Music and sound processing: Lubomir Brashnenkov and Angel Dodov

"Another Light" is a video triptych on contemporary Bulgarian poetry. This small three-part screening brings together the work of artists working in literature, visual arts and music.

The three video miniatures include poems by the poets Radoslav Chichev, Ilko Dimitrov and Tsveta Sofronieva with the voices of actors Elena Dimitrova, Tsvetan Alexiev and Juliana Saiska and the music of Lyubomir Brashnenkov and Angel Dodov. The videos were shot entirely analogue, by means of  a specific author technique based on "painting under camera", which artists Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov have developed over the years, experimenting under camera with liquids, pigments, substances and various materials.

The arts involved in the triptych function simultaneously and equally. It is equally true that “Another Light” is a work of literary art, painting, or audio-visual forms. The triptych works with the associative movements between text, sound and image in words, rhythm, voice, timbre, substance, color and composition. Light is a building block of the abstract composition, as well as a leading thread in poetry.